The Gloucestershire Swedish Club is an informal group bringing together people interested in the language and culture of Sweden. Our members span different ages, backgrounds and nationalities, representing all ranges of language abilities – some fluent, some intermediate and some speaking only a little Swedish.

Some of our members have worked or holidayed in Sweden, have Swedish family or are Swedish themselves. Others are just interested in Sweden, its culture, people, food and/or language. Whatever your connection with Sweden, you’re welcome to join.

We organise regular events in and around Cheltenham, for example regular fika mornings or Swedish movie afternoons.

The best way to keep up to date on our events and chat to other members is to join our Facebook group. Alternatively, please email us and ask to join our mailing list.

On this website you’ll also find links to businesses in the area that have a Swedish connection, information about Swedish tuition and about the Swedish Book Club – for more advanced readers of Swedish literature.

You’re also very welcome to contribute to our blog, which is all in Swedish. If you can write in Swedish (even if it’s just a little) please get in touch!